Apollon Records Showcase

Apollon Records and HQ indie’s first showcase in the UK will take place at the legendary Water Rats (London) on February 26th. 2019. This will be a day to remember. Hope to see you all there friends. The Water Rats

This is Facing Dullness

Facing Dullness is the second single of melancholic Nordic band Sail by Summer. An indie math guitar excursion exploding into denser rock territory. Fronted by Norwegian Grammy award winner William Hut with his characteristic voice and his long time danish collaborator Jens Kristian behind the keys. Together they have created this universe inspired by the surrounded northern nature. Facebook

New video by Subshine

Subshine’s second release from his upcoming album «Easy Window». Your Love is a song about love, stripped for illusions and perfection. Where things are broken and everything feels right. Your Love is a beautiful song with an epic chorus. Facebook