Easy Window • Out Now

Subshine’s debut album «Easy Window» is finally here. This is electronic pop, this is longing with a sense of hope. This is walking for hours in the stunning Norwegian landscape. Subshine is fronted by Ole Gunnar Gundersen, one of the best songwriters we’ve got in Scandinavia at the moment. Please enjoy and appreciate his talent. 

He’s the former singer and songwriter in Lorraine (a major Sony BMG UK signing) who had a global cult following in the early 00’s, top ten singles, and heavy international touring with artists such as Mew and Pet Shop Boys.

Tribute to Talk Talk

Happiness is Easy

On February 24th this year, legendary musician Mark Hollis died at the age of 64 years old. Ole Gunnar Gundersen and his Subshine have always been inspired by Talk Talk and their music, so when the passing of Hollis became known, Ole Gunnar Gundersen wanted to show his respect by recording a personal version of Talk Talk’s classic song “Happiness Is Easy”.

Sail By Summer • New video

Casual Drive is Sail By Summer’s third single release from the upcoming debutalbum. A significantly more rock driven song. This is also William’s direct lyricism in an almost brutal genuine dissemination. Enjoy this great indie rock tune from Scandinavias brand new favorites. Facebook

Ego by Deathcrush

Norwegian trio Deathcrush throws us head first into 2019, with an intriguing nudge at Eurodance and Grunge: Their very first single «Ego» from their first ever album Megazone. Deathcrush

Apollon Records Showcase

Apollon Records and HQ indie’s first showcase in the UK will take place at the legendary Water Rats (London) on February 26th. 2019. This will be a day to remember. Hope to see you all there friends. The Water Rats

This is Facing Dullness

Facing Dullness is the second single of melancholic Nordic band Sail by Summer. An indie math guitar excursion exploding into denser rock territory. Fronted by Norwegian Grammy award winner William Hut with his characteristic voice and his long time danish collaborator Jens Kristian behind the keys. Together they have created this universe inspired by the surrounded northern nature. Facebook

New video by Subshine

Subshine’s second release from his upcoming album «Easy Window». Your Love is a song about love, stripped for illusions and perfection. Where things are broken and everything feels right. Your Love is a beautiful song with an epic chorus. Facebook