HQindie music news fall 2020

HQindie presents new releases this fall. We also have plenty of music releases to look forward to in 2021. In times of uncertainty and loneliness, let the music be your companion. Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest news and updates.Christmas is coming soon, and of course we have music for all occasions. Stay tuned.

Summer’s coming • Releases ahead of us

HQindie is pleased to present two brilliant releases for you in the coming weeks. May 29 • Subshine. Living Like It’s Real • Subshine share his views on how we are soaring over the truth, We live our lives according to stories, spending our days looking for proof, «Living Like It’s Real». Subshine’s new track is a fresh sounding pop gem. Driven by layers of sound and...

HQindie at 100 Dagar

We had a great bunch of artists in action during this year's 100 Dagar at Stord. We want to thank everyone who came to listen to all the brilliant music that was presented Friday and Saturday. See you next year .. 100 DAGAR • HOMEPAGE Reism Photo: Peter Tubaas Revolt Phots: Peter Tubaas Jarle Skavhellen Photo: Mats Mæland Secret Treehouse Photo: Peter Tubaas

Snowfall • William Hut

After many years in this music business, Hut thought it was time to move on, time to work on new projects, time to say thank you for love and support, time to face what's next after Nightfall. So this is it .. this is William's Christmas hymn • Snowfall Hut is probably the finest indie/rock vocalist to emerge from Norway. He first found international recognition as frontman for the Norwegian...

Blest • klar for hele landet

Se dette innlegget på Instagram Velkommen til @hqindie • Blest • @blestfravest er klar for turnévirksomhet i 2020 • kontakt oss 🧡©️ #kulturhus #turne #konserter #blest #vamp #vestlandet #nrkradio #nrkp1 Et innlegg delt av HQindie Artist (@hqindie) Okt. 24, 2019 kl. 8:57 PDT