Checkmate by Poor Bambi

We welcome Poor Bambi to HQindie and congratulate them on their new single «Checkmate» which is released today on Apollon Records. Poor Bambi challenges societal expectations and takes a stand upon the consequences of gentrification through their new single Checkmate. Pushing a high volume and loads of distortion, the message of frustration is loud and clear.

Photo by Grethe Nygaard

Attitude, spontaneity and dynamism are some of the words that sum up Poor Bambi’s expression. With rock as a basic base, the trio fuses together a wide range of genres with many sources of inspiration. Poor Bambi is full of punch and attitude, but moves through your entire emotional register on the way. The result is a live show that must be experienced. A portion of noise and brutality toped off with a smart and tidy melodic expression. Get ready for the energy bomb Poor Bambi.