The Twins by Dobbeltgjenger

Rocket Shoes • Dobbeltgjenger
Frankenstein • Dobbeltgjenger
Genghis Khan • Dobbeltgjenger

The eclectic and catchy alt-rock outfit Dobbeltgjenger is releasing their fourth studio album, ‘The Twins’. The new record is about the battles that are waged against oneself. This is conceptualized through two internal and rivaling twins. The album reflects a chaotic time in songwriter Vegard Wiknes life, in the aftermaths of a mental breakdown. This was a time where the basics of life became a fight: getting out of bed, eating, talking, sleeping, etc. With extensive help from the mental health care system and by using songwriting as a way of expressing and processing his feelings he managed to get somewhat on his feet again, seven months later. As a trained music therapist in the same system that helped him Wikne is well aware of the way music making can drag people out of deep and muddy waters, and that is  what ‘The Twins’ did for him.