Sjellaus by Marekvist

After releasing their debutalbum Solrenning in 2021, Marekvist have in short time been noted as one of the rising stars in the Norwegian underground with their original brand of folk-infused rock. Solrenning was named as “probably the best debutalbum of 2021” by Norway Rock Magazine. In the spring of 2023 Marekvist will release their second album Varde, a testament to progressive rock, 70s psychedelia and nordic folk. Since the release of Solrenning, Marekvist has toured throughout Norway – from the smallest clubs in Kristiansand to the massive festival stages at Midgardsblot, leaving audiences all around craving for more. Boasting two drummers, heartbreaking vocals, and a wall of distorted guitars and Hammond organs, Marekvist invites you to a show where only one thing is for certain; you will not be same afterwards.