VOX • mini-album by Subshine

Ole Gunnar Gundersen, who has been known by the artist name Subshine since his time fronting the band Lorraine in the 2000s, takes a step into his own contemporary era with this mini-album! Where he previously distilled nostalgia and synth-pop from decades past. «After getting sober, I feel less estranged in my own time,» says Gundersen. They say, «When you’re younger, you steal from the past, when you’re older, you steal from the present!» Vox is a musical documentation from the time recently sobered into a new role as an adult, and a homage to love which, in my case, hit hardest when I turned forty! Lyrically, this album deals with the realization of stepping into middle-aged manhood.

EP Release: UPC: 198391169014 • Product Code: HQ066 • Focus Track: Saturn • ISRC: QM4TW2492819
Genre: Pop • Sub-Genre: Dream Pop • Fans Also Like: M83, Drab Majesty, Beck, Depeche Mode.

Ole Gunnar Gundersen (Subshine) is the form er singer and songwriter of Lorraine (a major Sony BMG UK signing) who had a global cult following in the early 00’s, several top ten singles, and heavy international touring with artists such as Mew and Pet Shop Boys.

Mars • Subshine

Kanye West wrapped in vintage Depeche Mode, raw honest lyrics in shiny DX synths. Sunshine bursts into 2024 with a self-examining, yet optimistic pop song featuring modern production and a pounding guitar riff. Swimming in ’90s synthesizers and honest lyrics that speak of a middle-aged man at a new starting point in life.

Messed Up In My Thirties • Subshine

Who said messing up was only for the young?

«Messed Up In My Thirties» is a driven pop tune looking back on a life lived before love hitting hard in your 40’s. Subshine has carved a niche in the music industry, resonating with audience worldwide. Subshine’s signature style weaves together emotional storytelling and catchy melodies, making «Messed Up In My Thirties» a relatable and resonant experience for listeners. This single invites audiences to reflect on life’s journey, with a nod to the challenges and joys that lie ahead.

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