Messed Up In My Thirties • Subshine

Photo by LECARA
Messed Up In My Thirties • Subshine

Who said messing up was only for the young?

«Messed Up In My Thirties» is a driven pop tune looking back on a life lived before love hitting hard in your 40’s. Subshine has carved a niche in the music industry, resonating with audience worldwide. Subshine’s signature style weaves together emotional storytelling and catchy melodies, making «Messed Up In My Thirties» a relatable and resonant experience for listeners. This single invites audiences to reflect on life’s journey, with a nod to the challenges and joys that lie ahead.

Ole Gunnar Gundersen (Subshine) is the form er singer and songwriter of Lorraine (a major Sony BMG UK signing) who had a global cult following in the early 00’s, several top ten singles, and heavy international touring with artists such as Mew and Pet Shop Boys.

Release date – September 22.