ETERNAL HOPE • New EP by William Hut

What do we do when it’s pitch dark, when our beloved children are small insignificant pawns in a brutal world politics, what do we do? There is no dignity in this. What I know is that hope and love are our strongest weapons. I am an artist, I am a father of two. My songs can be melancholic, they can be frustrated and angry, they can be impatient and scared, but they are never without hope. Do you really believe that music can save the world? Yes, I truly believe so. It saved me, anyway. Throughout 2023, William Hut has been regularly releasing new music and singles. After a few years of focusing on other projects, Hut is back in earnest as the creative and productive artist we know him to be.

Where Shadows Hold Sway ( Focus track )
Don’t Give Up
December Cold
A Song Can Live On Forever
Stand Up Tall

William Hut, hailing from Bergen, Norway, is an internationally acclaimed artist known for his work with the Norwegian Grammy-winning band, Poor Rich Ones. His solo albums have also received rave reviews, establishing him as one of Norway’s finest indie pop vocalists. With a unique blend of genres, William Hut’s captivating sound is bound to leavelisteners entranced. Throughout his career, he has experienced both highs and lows, achieving significant commercial success with previous albums going gold and platinum. His chart-topping single ”Take It Easy” and extensive global tours have solidified his position as a prominent figure in the music industry.